Using PINs to authenticate controlled substance transactions

PINs can be enabled to authenticate users when logging controlled substance transactions. Here's how it works:

A few notes:
  • Enabling PINs must be done by PSTrax. Please contact us if you'd like this feature turned on.
  • Users must set their own PIN before they can log any CS transaction. PINs are set by going to Settings > User Settings > Change PIN.
  • PINs must be between 4 and 20 alphanumeric characters.
  • Administrators are not able to see PIN information for their users, nor are they able to retrieve or reset PINs for their users. Only a user can reset their PIN by logging into their own account and following the instructions above.
  • Administrators can see which users have set their PINs (not the actual PIN itself) by navigating to Settings > Controlled Substances > PIN Settings.
  • Only users who have set their PIN will show in the Witness dropdown on the CS events (if two signatures are required).
  • With PINs enabled, an additional user access level is available called "Witness Only". Users with this permission can sign as witnesses on CS events, but don't have any other access to the module. This may be useful if you have EMTs or external witnesses who can witness events but who you don't want to have access to the CS module. To set "Witness Only" users, go to Settings > Personnel > User List > Edit and select Witness Only in the CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE MODULE SETTINGS section.