System Updates - September 2019


  • In order to continue adding new features and provide the best experience with our program, PSTrax is ending support for older browsers - such as Internet Explorer - that do not fully support the latest web standards. When using an older browser, not all features of the site may function as expected. Please ensure that you access PSTrax from a modern web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Some users have experienced getting logged out of the system when clicking into various links. This is due to how different browsers cache PSTrax's website information – some of which aren’t resetting the cache with new updates. We’ve fixed this to force an auto-refresh whenever updates are pushed.

Vehicle & Station

  • Added a new report to display incomplete tasks for a given date range. It’s designed to give you an overview of how many due tasks were not completed for each apparatus in your department for any given day.
  • Added column filters in custom reports to give greater searchability.
  • Fixed issue where attachments weren’t showing up in linked checklists.


  • There’s now an SCBA card at the bottom of the Schedule list on the home screen. This displays any SCBA inspections due that are not tied to your on-truck checks (i.e. mask inspections, flow tests, hydro tests, etc.).


  • The PPE Home page will list gear inspections in a table format with important information displayed (serial numbers, ID number, inspection due date), so you can better tell which gear you’re checking.
  • You can link to the Gear Details & History page directly from the PPE Home page, instead of having to go through the Gear List.
  • Admin can log a repair, change gear status, reassign gear, and more directly from the Alerts section on the PPE Home page.
  • All links on the PPE Home page now open in modals (pop-ups), which keep you on the same page. That way you don’t have to switch back-and-forth between different pages.

Controlled Substances

  • We renamed “CS Log” to “CS Transaction Log” and added more search options. You can now search by all boxes / locations (instead of just one at a time), transaction type, and date range.
  • Personnel can receive an automatic alert when CS quantities go below or above the set par amounts. To turn this feature on, please contact
  • Personnel can receive an automatic alert whenever controlled substances are used (administered, expired, or broken) in the system. To turn this feature on, please contact


  • You can add specific items to check off for each inspection/asset, similar to the PPE/SCBA modules. This allows you to set up different event-specific tasks for your radios, monitors, UAVs, hose, etc.