System Updates - August 2021

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  • The Alert Archive has been redesigned for quicker searches and a better viewing experience, especially when accessed from smaller devices.


  • We fixed an issue that was causing alert emails to not always send when items were set below their par level. We also installed queue monitoring systems on our servers to notify us automatically if this happens in the future. 


  • The Controlled Substances Check page has been reworked to run a lot faster - by up to 4 times in our testing. The Recent Activity section is now organized in descending order by date (newest activity at the top). Once a CS transaction has been completed, it will show up at the top of the Recent Activity section, so you know it went through.  NOTE: These changes only apply to departments that are tracking individual vials; departments that track total volume will not see any change to the Recent Activity.
  • For departments that are using tags/seals on their narcs containers, we added a feature that will notify crew members if the seal number they enter doesn't match the previous seal number logged on that container. This will hopefully eliminate input errors and/or catch missing transactions early. 
  • Some of the link names in the navigation panel have changed for Full Admin on the CS module. "Container Admin" is now "Manage Containers", "Custom Field Setup" is now "Manage Events", and you can now "Manage Vendors" directly from the navigation.
  • You can now add up to three attachments on any CS transaction. Previously you were only able to add one.