System Updates - August 2019


  • Added ability to limit station access for specific users. After feedback from many departments, you now have the ability to limit access so that your crews can only see the information for the stations that they’re assigned to. Learn more here. 
  • Changed "Alert Categories" to "Alert Categories & Recipients" on the side menu, for improved clarity. 

Vehicle & Station 

  • Added “OOS” and “Reserve” tags to the vehicles on the Daily Status Report email. 


  • We've updated the PPE & SCBA home screens to make it easier to manage the inspections and alerts on your gear. A few things that you’ll notice: 
    • Gear is listed in a table format with important information displayed, so you can better tell which gear you’re checking. 
    • You can link to the Gear Details & History page directly from this page, instead of having to go to the Gear List. 
    • Admin can log a repair, change gear status, reassign gear, and more directly from the Alerts section. 
  • Removed "Send Email Notification?" question when posting a new SCBA Alert. An email is ALWAYS sent when a new alert is posted, so there was no need for the question. 

Controlled Substances 

  • Throughout the PSTrax system, the word "Narcotics" has been replaced with "Controlled Substances" to reflect the fact that not all controlled substances are narcotics. Where space is a consideration, Controlled Substances may be abbreviated as "CS." 
  • Images attached to a Controlled Substances check or alert display in both the Log Detail and the Alert Archive. 
  • Departments can enable a "Check-All" option on specific CS containers that allows users to select all vials with a single click when performing an Arriving/Departing or Inventory check. This may be useful for locations with a large number of vials (i.e. drug vault, master inventory). To turn on this option, go to Settings > Controlled Substances > Container Admin > Edit > Check All. 
  • CS containers can be deactivated temporarily, which removes it from view for Medics. This is designed for departments who may have temporary/seasonal CS locations or for when items go out of service. To turn on this option, go to Settings > Controlled Substances > Container Admin > Edit > Status: Inactive. 
  • In the "Recent Activity" section, users can now click a button to view or hide the individual vial details for each container or location. For more readable screen display, the Recent Activity section will initially display with the individual vial details hidden. 
  • The Active Vial List and Vial Archive pages no longer require selecting a location/container first. Vials in all locations will display by default and the list can be filtered using the dropdown list at the top of the Container column, if needed. 
  • Added location information to the Daily Status Report email for departments using movable CS containers. 


  • Added a column to display "Model" on the Assets List page.