Setting up on-truck checks

Assign SCBA to vehicles (or stations) to get inspected.

Unlike PPE, which is generally assigned to specific users in the department, SCBA gear (packs, cylinders, RIT packs, etc.) is typically located in a unit or a spare locker. Since gear may move around from one unit to another frequently (particularly cylinders), we build positions / seats on each unit that carries SCBA and have users input the specific item they're logging during their truck checks. This way the position of the gear can be updated in real-time, as opposed to waiting for an admin to reassign it each time something moves or is taken out of service. To make things easier for crews, the gear ID / serial number is pre-populated with what was last logged in that position, so users only have to change the  information if there's a new pack or cylinder in that slot on the day they are performing the inspection. 

Logging an SCBA on-truck check

  1. On Home Page > Schedule click # SCBA checks under the vehicle / station where the SCBA is assigned.
  2. Enter the gear ID or serial number in the appropriate riding position and click Retrieve Items.
  3. Perform the checks listed on log form. If anything is malfunctioning, click the red alert icon and detail the issue.
  4. At the bottom of the inspection, click “Item failed inspection and needs replacement...” and then Log All Checked Items. This will log the current pack, but leave the truck position open so you can log another one.
  5. If you need to log an SCBA check when there are "0 SCBA checks" due - such as logging a post-incident inspection - click on the As-Needed link below the # SCBA checks. Steps 1-4 above are the same for logging an as-needed check.

Assigning SCBA to truck positions

When we build out your system for you, we add the positions based on how many packs, cylinders, RIT packs, and other SCBA gear is riding on each unit. But it's handy to know how to add or remove slots should the need arise. Please note that you must be an Admin on the Vehicle / Station module in order to build out additional positions, since the tasks are tied to the units. Here's how it's done: