View, update, or close Vehicle & Station alerts

Manage alerts associated with your vehicles and stations.

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Viewing alerts

Alerts can be viewed from several different places in the system. 

  1. The station home screen will display the alerts linked to vehicles at the station you're signed into. The V/S Alerts list in the middle of the page will display the most recent alerts. Older alerts that haven't been closed can be viewed by clicking the "# Alerts" button next to each unit.
  2. The Open Alerts page can be accessed from Vehicle & Station > Alerts > View Open Alerts. Since you can view all alerts across all stations, this is the preferred view for many officers and maintenance crews.
  3. The Alert Archive can be access from Vehicle & Station > Alerts > Alert Archive. Search all alerts - open and closed by station, unit, category, user, date range, and more. 

Updating & closing alerts

  1. Find the alert you wish to update, edit, or close from the station home page, Open Alerts page, or Alert Archive. 
  2. Click Add Comment to add a note / update to the alert.
  3. If you wish to edit or close the alert, click Edit. Add notes, costs, and/or attachments. Indicate whether you wish to close the alert in the ALERT STATUS section. To send a notification to specific users, click Yes under the SEND NOTIFICATION section.
  4. Click Save.