Managing CS events

Log when controlled substances are restocked, transferred, counted, or used.

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Controlled substance event types

The events in the Controlled Substances module can be modified to match your organization's processes. They are used to log whenever drugs are restocked, moved, counted, or removed. 

CS events can be enabled or disabled, renamed, and set to admin-only. But because there are functionality and reporting implications to consider, these settings can only be modified by us at PSTrax. To change, please contact us.

There are five "umbrellas" that all controlled substance events fit into:

  1. Restock - When you add CS into your system from an external vendor, hospital, or pharmacy. Common names: Restock from Vendor, Add/Restock, Vault Restock
  2. Transfer - When CS are moved from one internal location to another, like from a vault to a unit, between units, etc. Common names: Transfer, Internal Transfer, Internal Restock
  3. Inventory Count - When CS quantities are counted/verified. This can be during a shift change check, a vault inventory, or when a tag is broken and the contents of a box need to be verified. There are three possible inventory count events that can be used in the Controlled Substances module. Common names: Arriving/Departing Check, Shift Change, Transfer of Custody, Daily Check, Day 1/Day 2 Check, Vault Inventory
  4. Usage - When CS are removed out of the system and are no longer in your agency's possession. There are three default usage events in the Controlled Substances module: Administered, Expired, and Broken. Plus there are two additional events that can be configured by CS Full Admin to document any removals that don't fall into the administered/expired/broken categories. We recommend setting up at least one called "Other" to account for events like recalls, full waste, damaged/missing vials, etc. To set up custom use events, see video below.
  5. Container Transfer (Movable Container setup only) - When a box container CS is transferred from one place to another, like from a locker to a unit. If your system is configured for Movable Containers (about 10-20% of our customers), events for Container Moved In and Container Moved Out will display in your system, which allow you to move boxes in and out of different units and locations.

Managing events as a CS Full Admin

Set up custom fields, witness signatures, and field labels for your controlled substance transactions.