Log scheduled Vehicle & Station checks

Complete inspections that are due on your vehicles or stations.


Logging scheduled vehicle / station check is done to make sure our vehicles, stations, and equipment is in proper working order. We not only do we learn everything is working properly, but where things are located and how it operates. When performing our checks we are basically looking at four areas: Exterior, Interior, Operations, and equipment. 


Checks that are due today - daily checks, weekly checks, inventories, etc. - show on the home screen in the CHECKS panel. Note that:

  • Once logged, each task is automatically rescheduled to the next time it's due in the future. 
  • Multiple users can log checks on the same unit.
  • The checks will stay due until they're completed (even if done late), and will never duplicate.
Here's how to complete your checks:
  • Click the # check due under the unit you're inspecting.
  • CHECKLISTS (daily, weekly, monthly) are in dark blue, and can be expanded or minimized with the white arrow. TASK GROUPS are in light blue, and display the individual tasks to do.
  • As you complete tasks, click the GREEN CHECK MARK. If the task requires a log note, input the information in the NOTES field to edit this.
  • If you find an issue, click the ALERT icon and document the discrepancy. This will be sent to the assigned personnel (See specific alerts video for more information)
  • A RED BELL will appear on tasks that already have an alert posted on them. In this case, unless there is a new issue, you don't want to log another alert. In most cases, acknowledge the alert by logging the task.
  • The EYEBALL icon shows the task's recent history - up to the last 5 times it was logged.
  • Click on the PENCIL icon to add notes about the inspection. Required notes (mileage, hours, tire pressure, etc.) will have the notes field expanded and outlined in red
  • Click the "Log All Checked Items" button every few minutes to save your progress. A pop-up will display after 5 minutes reminding you to log.
  • On the next page, verify what you're logging and add notes if needed.
  • Click "Log Tasks" to submit your checks, which will reset them until the next time they're due.