Logging an SCBA air fill

Log each time a cylinder is refilled.

  1. On Home Page > Schedule click Log Air Fill under the SCBA section in orange.
  2. Select the cylinder(s) from the list and click Log Air Fill.
  3. Enter any notes, such as beginning / ending PSI, air fill station, etc.
  4. Click Log Air Fill to submit.
  5. The history of air fills can be viewed by going to SCBA > Logs & Reports > Air Fill Report.

Show/hide "Log Air Fill" option from SCBA on-truck checks

When performing an on-truck check on a cylinder, users can opt to log an air fill event, if they needed to fill the cylinder as part of their inspection.

Many agencies that fill their bottles in bulk at an air fill station prefer to hide the "Log Air Fill Event" button on the on-truck check, and instead use the Log Air Fill option that can be accessed via the station home screen.