Logging as-needed vehicle / station checks


As-needed checks are not tied to a schedule – you can log them whenever and as many times as you’d like. There are instances when you may want to log your checks this way - post-call inspections, fuel logs, and other checks that don't follow a set schedule. Here's how to log checks as-needed: 

  1. On Home Page Schedule select the dropdown arrow next to the vehicle / station you’re checking off.
  2. Click As-Needed Check and select the appropriate checklist you wish to complete.
  3. Click the check mark as you complete each task. You can add notes to the inspection using the pencil icon.
  4. Click Log All Checked Items to submit your checks.
  5. Verify information on the Review & Log Tasks page.
  6. Click Log Tasks to save. 

NOTE:  As-needed logs will display in the same place as logs from a scheduled inspection (Vehicle & Station > Logs & Reports > Logs), but the Due Date field will be blank. Alerts posted on the as-needed checks will display next to the vehicle / station on the home screen and in the Alert Archive (Vehicle & Station > Alerts > Alert Archive).