Log as-needed Vehicle & Station checks

Complete on-demand inspections whenever you need to.


As-needed checks allow you to log checks or set alerts on any task at any time - even if they're not due in the schedule. Use this to post unscheduled events (post-incident, fuel log, etc.) or to set alerts on equipment that was logged earlier. Here's how to log checks as-needed: 

    • To access your as-needed checks, click the "As-Needed" link underneath the vehicle or station checks on the unit you're inspecting.
    • Each checklist that's available as-needed will display in the menu. These are the same checklists that show on the schedule; they just aren't tied to an interval.
    • Select the checklist you want to complete.
    • Unlike the scheduled checks, you don’t have to log every task in the list. Find the ones you want to log and click the green check mark.
    • If you find an issue, click the alert icon and document the discrepancy.
    • The eyeball and pencil icons are available, just as they are in the schedule checks.
    • Click the "Log All Checked Items" button every few minutes to save your progress.
    • On the next page, verify what you're logging and add notes if needed.
    • Click "Log Tasks" to submit your checks.

    NOTE: Since the tasks aren't tied to a schedule, you can log them as often as needed. They will display in red to let you know that they've been logged at least once today, but you can log them additional times if needed.