I'm not getting email or text notifications from PSTrax

If you are not receiving alert emails from PSTrax, there may be a firewall or filter set up in your mail server. Be sure to add mail.pstrax.info and pstrax.com to your safe senders list. Specifically, our alert emails send from postmaster@mail.pstrax.info; our status report emails send from status@pstrax.com. And if it's needed, your IT team can whitelist our dedicated sending IP address:

Another possibility is that the alert isn't actually sending from PSTrax. This can happen if one of the alert recipients isn't configured properly (they have a bad email address, incorrect carrier info, etc.). The alerts process the entire batch of recipients before sending out, so if one recipient has incorrect information, the notification will not send. The alert itself, however, will process and display in the system. Here's how to check for and/or correct this issue: 

If you are still unable to receive emails from PSTrax, there's a chance that the email address has been blocked from our mail servers due to messages bouncing multiple times. Please reach out to us at help@pstrax.com and we'll take a look.