How the schedules work

The schedules in PSTrax are designed to show you which checks are due at any given time, and are set up with a repeat interval (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). When you view the Station Home screen in PSTrax, only the scheduled tasks that are currently due show up on the # items due links. When those tasks are completed, they get rescheduled for the next future due date. There are a few important things to understand with the schedules: 

  • Once checks are completed, they will automatically roll forward to the next scheduled date in the future. If a group of checks doesn’t get completed by the due date, they will stay in the system until they’re finished, and then roll forward to the next due date. For example, if a Daily Check due on Tuesday doesn’t get done until Thursday, the next time it will show up on the schedule is on Friday. 
  • Past due checks will never duplicate. If you have 20 tasks on a Daily Check that don't get logged when they're due, you won't have 40 tasks on day 2, 60 on day 3, etc. The 20 tasks will stay until they're completed and then roll forward to the next due date in the future.
  • Checks are always logged on the day they are completed by the person/crew that they are completed by. The logs show the date the checks are scheduled to be done, the date they are actually done, and who completed them. If you’re on B Shift and log some past due checks that A Shift was supposed to handle, the logs will show that you on B Shift completed them.